• Overview

    On ⁨December 15, 2016⁩, ⁨PayAsUGym⁩ was breached. Once the breach was discovered and verified, it was added to our database on ⁨December 17, 2016⁩.

    What data was compromised:

    • Passwords
    • Partial credit card data
    • IP addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses

    Breach data provided by Have I Been Pwned

    What to do for this breach

    We recommend you take these steps to keep your personal info safe and protect your digital identity.

    Change your password

    Make this password unique and different from any others you use. A good strategy to follow is to combine two or more unrelated words to create an entire passphrase, and include numbers and symbols.

    Update other logins using the same password

    Reusing passwords turns a single data breach into many. Now that this password is out there, hackers could use it to get in to other accounts.

    Monitor your credit card statements

    Look out for strange charges on your credit card. You may want to request a new card with a new number from your credit card issuer.

    Use a VPN to mask your IP address

    Your Internet Protocol address (IP address) pinpoints your location and internet service provider. A service like ⁨Mozilla VPN⁩ masks your IP address to hide your location.

    Try ⁨Mozilla VPN⁩
    Avoid sharing your phone number

    Try to avoid giving out your phone number when signing up for new accounts or services. If a phone number isn’t required, don’t enter it.

    Use unique, strong passwords for every account

    Password reuse puts all your accounts at risk. This means that if one password gets exposed, hackers have the keys to many accounts.

    Store passwords in a safe place

    Put your login details in a secure place only you can access, such as a password manager. This also makes it easy to keep track of all your different passwords.

    Be cautious about giving out personal information

    Don’t hand out personal data if you don’t have to. If you are asked to enter or give out your email address, ZIP code, or phone number, you can say no.

    Update software and apps regularly

    Updating your smartphone apps, browsers, and operating systems makes your devices more secure. These updates fix bugs, software vulnerabilities, and security problems.

    What is a website breach?

    A website data breach happens when cyber criminals steal, copy, or expose personal information from online accounts. It’s usually a result of hackers finding a weak spot in the website’s security. Breaches can also happen when account information gets leaked by accident.