Mastercard Priceless Specials Website Breach


On August 20, 2019, Mastercard Priceless Specials was breached. Once the breach was discovered and verified, it was added to our database on September 1, 2019.

What data was compromised:

Additional information, including:

Names, Salutations

Breach data provided by Have I Been Pwned

What to do to protect your personal info

Though passwords weren’t exposed in this breach, there are still steps you can take to better protect your personal info.

Monitor your credit card statements

Look out for strange charges on your credit card. You may want to request a new card with a new number from your credit card issuer.

Use a service that masks your IP address

Your Internet Protocol address (IP address) can reveal your location and internet service provider. A service like Firefox Private Network hides your IP address and location for Firefox and a service like Mozilla VPN hides your IP address and location for your entire device.

Try Mozilla VPN

Avoid sharing your phone number

Try to avoid giving out your phone number when signing up for new accounts or services. If a phone number isn’t required, don’t enter it.

Use email aliases

Giving out your real email address makes it easier for hackers or trackers to find your passwords or target you online. A service like Firefox Relay hides your real email address while forwarding emails to your real inbox.

Try Firefox Relay

Find out about new data breaches

Get notified the next time your personal info gets exposed in a known breach.

What is a website breach?

A website data breach happens when cyber criminals steal, copy, or expose personal information from online accounts. It’s usually a result of hackers finding a weak spot in the website’s security. Breaches can also happen when account information gets leaked by accident.