• Find out if your personal information has been compromised

    Stay safe with privacy tools from the makers of ⁨Firefox⁩ that protect you from hackers and companies that publish and sell your personal information. We’ll alert you of any known data breaches, find and remove your exposed info and continually watch for new exposures.

    Why use ⁨Firefox Monitor⁩?

    Identifying and resolving data breaches is an important step in ensuring your online privacy.

    • Protect your accounts

      Prevent hackers from getting into your accounts with breached passwords.

    • Prevent fraud and cybercrimes

      Keep your info away from hackers who want to impersonate you and commit crimes.

    • Get alerts for new breaches

      Find out whenever your personal information is compromised in a new known breach.

    Here’s how it works

    1. Check for breaches

      We’ll search all known data breaches since 2007 to see if your info was compromised.

    2. Protect your accounts

      We’ll give you clear steps on what to do next for any data breach you’ve been involved in.

    3. Get alerts for new breaches

      We’ll continually monitor for new data breaches and let you know if you’ve been affected.

    Your privacy is safe with us

    At ⁨Mozilla⁩, the parent company of ⁨Firefox⁩ and ⁨Firefox Monitor⁩, we believe individuals’ security and privacy on the internet is fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

    Our mission is to build a better internet — one where people can shape their own experiences, feel empowered and stay safe. We’re wholly owned by the ⁨Mozilla Foundation⁩, a non-profit, which enables us to put individual and public benefit over profit.

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    Top questions about ⁨Firefox Monitor⁩

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    What exactly is a data breach?

    A data breach happens when personal or private information gets exposed, stolen or copied without permission. These security incidents can be a result of cyber attacks to websites, apps or any database where people’s personal information resides. A data breach can also happen by accident like if someone’s login credentials accidentally get posted publicly.

    I just found out I’m in a data breach. What do I do?

    Visit ⁨Firefox Monitor⁩ to learn what to do after a data breach. Hackers rely on people reusing passwords, so it’s important to create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts. Keep your passwords in a safe place that only you have access to; this could be the same place where you store important documents or a password manager.

    What information gets exposed in data breaches?

    Not all breaches expose all the same info. It just depends on what hackers can access. Many data breaches expose email addresses and passwords. Others expose more sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passport numbers and social security numbers.

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